Events Management

 Our primary focus is to ensure we bring your dream event to reality.  First, we seek to understand every Client’s interest /desires and plan, organise , engage the best vendors  ,co-ordinate their activities, put in place appropriate control measures to effectively manage the approved budget/ resources .Consequently, we ensure we see to the success of the event from start to finish.

Our attention to detail has yielded impressive testimonials from our Clients and earned us referrals/recommendations that remain our daily motivation to give our very best at all times.


At Sagriell we are known for our impeccable taste on the choices we make on your behalf   leaving memories that linger a lifetime. With us, the ambience of your event space must captivate your guests so they can take in every bit of the fun planned for the day ,


We bring in  life ,colour and create happy moments making it truly a dream come true. Without a doubt in your mind that  you are being offered value for every penny expended.